Wicop2 Series

Seoul Semiconductor

Plastic-based flexible OLED

You Create, We Light


Product Brief

provided by Acsel Electronics

4.3W (°33) 8.7W (°46) 10W (°100) 13W (°50) 17W ( °70 and °100)

Seoul Semiconductor Z5M2

designed for high flux output applications with high current operation capability

LEDiLĺs standard LED optics

Innovative Optical Systems

SLE Module

Smart Light Engine series with Seoul Semiconductor Z5x and Fraen FLT/FMT/F360 secondary optics.

Innovation Award 2013 - "Led & Lighting" Please vote in our News and Events section

LED Engin

LuxiGen Platform Catalogue

Seoul Semiconductor 5630 C

best lm/W and lm/Ç ratio on the market

DC/DC Converter Step-Down, 1A LED Driver

Macroblock - Scheda prodotto

Alimentatori per il Lighting in CC e CV

Ever Shining Optotech - Schede prodotti

Reference Modules

Indoor and Outdoor

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ASSODEL AWARDS 2015 - The winner is LG Chem
giovedý 9 luglio 2015
Presented annually, the Assodel Awards honor manufacturers in the electronics industry who demonstrate excellent product quality and collaboration with Italian customers and distribution partners. Now in its 13th year, the Assodel Awards program recognizes manufacturers in six product categories. Winners are selected based on recommendations from the electronics industry community, and through voting by a panel of judges based on technical, commercial, and logistics support, as well as communication and product quality. The 2015 Assodel Awards were presented during a gala dinner at the Castello di Tolcinasco Golf Club in Milan at the presence of 350 managers of the Italian electronics industry.

Category Opto

The winner is: LG Chem

A giant of chemistry that dominate several segments, ranging from plastics to energy storage. The same path has brought LG Chem to master the OLED technology. LG Chem OLEDs today guide the global ranking for energy efficiency and products lifetime, conjugating them to the assembly capacities to get wider, thinner and more flexible panels.